14 thoughts on “The Vice President Meets a Key Constituency: Eyeless Zombie Grandmas

  1. That moment was ruined before it happened
    Her slits burn into your soul like the Eyes of God.
    And that kid. What’s wrong with that kid?
    Jeezus, somone ought’a tell Quickdraw Cheney that, for the photo, you ALWAYS POSE WITH PRETTY PEOPLE. ALWAYS. And, if they’re not pretty, then they’re so damned important that the snivelling peasants won’t even comment about it.
    Faux pss, my good man, faux pas.


  2. I thought for a second that that turquoise thing was wearing a Nazi Party pin on her lapel, which would’ve multiplied the awesomeness of this photo by about a billion.
    Alas, it is not to be.


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