Credit Card Chaos update

I did as bigraoul suggested and put the fraud watch on my account with one of the big three credit agencies. Now if someone wants to open a credit account with my info the merchant has to verify it more carefully. For anyone else interested, the info for US people is at

Special note to douglain: One of the charges I accidentally listed as fraudulent was the Amazon charge for ordering your book. This may lead to literary/financial/bureaucratic yucks later on as I try to rectify this. Watch out for black helicopters; there’s no telling how far They will go investigating these things.

In related news I recently got a credit card from Robinsons-May, one of our local department store chains. The information that came with the card listed two possible interest rates that might apply to it, without specifying which was currently mine. There was also no credit limit listed. Hey, I think I’ll go buy a suit that I may not be allowed to buy, and in doing so take out a loan at an unknown rate! I LIKE SHOPPING!

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