This would be very useful during zombie attack

For those who need a machine gun that just keeps on firing, and firing, and firing, and firing, we present the E4 Revision of the M60 Machine Gun

Looks like it would be particularly handy if you were covering a general retreat from the mall and the zombies were surging out of the food court by the score.

3 thoughts on “This would be very useful during zombie attack

  1. Yes… zombie attack. That is my primary concern when shopping for weaponry and vehicles. For instance, combine this gun with a roof top turret on a Hummer H2, then yeah, that’s a bad day for the Zombies…
    mojo sends


  2. shit–>fan @ Marven Mall
    Since your last turn:
    * Baldwing said “people in the mall need help. 9z inside. NorthEast corner unbarricaded. Im out of ap and cant barricade.” (02-07 13:39 GMT)
    * Gary Dekalb said “Zombies in the mall!” (02-07 14:14 GMT)
    * Wash Jones said “Still 6 zed in the mall NE corner, and 2 in the SE” (02-07 14:23 GMT)
    * A flare was fired 13 blocks to the east and 11 blocks to the south. (02-07 14:45 GMT)
    * Sureia said “57 zeds outside NE corner of mall, 4 outside of St. Holy’s” (02-07 15:33 GMT)
    * Wylde Bill said “A heal would be greatly appreciated. I’m @ 40/50 HP. BTW there are 4 zeds sitting outside the warehouse.” (02-07 16:34 GMT)
    * You heard a loud groaning from very close by. (02-07 17:47 GMT)
    * A zombie killed Ralphie Boy. (02-07 17:48 GMT)
    * Molex killed a zombie. (02-07 18:12 GMT)
    * Molex said “this warehouse was recently breached.. be careful.” (02-07 18:16 GMT)
    * Molex said “65 zeds outside NE corner of mall.” (02-07 18:20 GMT)


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