Get back in the wagon, kids, we’re going to Farrell’s

K Car Woody Wagon

About 30% of my childhood was spent riding around in shitty beat-up station wagons going from one parking lot to another in a yellowish haze of smog. I got to relive a bit of that today because the nearby brushfires have once again turned everything yellow and a bit toxic, and I found a craptastic Chrysler Reliant K “woody” wagon in the Borders parking lot. It’s similar to the one I shot in Santa Ana before. Something about the way that smoky light hit the veneering and the frayed upholstery and the dirty glass caused me to have a Central Orange County Proustian Experience.

The rest of the shots are in this Flickr set.

5 thoughts on “Get back in the wagon, kids, we’re going to Farrell’s

  1. my good friend Tim who was in that band Swank I gave you the CD of… he had a white woody Reliant K wagon just like that one. It was teh band’s travel wagon and did several tours of the SE US. I have good memories about that car too..

  2. ah, i had a k-car sedan for a few years. i had almost forgot about that car. it was, or at least seems like, a long time ago.

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