Orange County Badass of the Month Award

Yesterday I visited South Coast Plaza, one of the two huge shiny shopping malls here. I visited Johan at Book Soup, where they keep the porno mags on the bottom shelf for the kids. I browsed a bit and bought a snobby intellectual magazine.

On the way out I saw a young Middle Eastern guy, skinny scraggly kid, who was wearing a black logo t-shirt. The type said something like ONE STRUGGLE, ONE CAUSE and on one side said PLO. I couldn’t quite see the other side; it might have said something in Arabic, or said “Hamas,” or something. It might have been some Israeli left-wing group for all I know.

And there he was with the PLO Struggle shirt just kickin’ it in the big Orange County shopping mall. Now that’s some free speech. Hope he made it home okay. Bad-ASS.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

A ProMED-mail post

ProMED-mail, a program of the
International Society for Infectious Diseases

Date: 24 Oct 2006
From: Pablo Nart
Source: ABC [edited]

The Tasmanian Government has acknowledged the outbreak of the devil
facial tumor disease in a wildlife park in the state’s north is a
serious setback to the preservation of the species. The state’s chief
veterinary officer has been sent to the Trowunna Wildlife Park at
Mole Creek to try to determine the cause of the outbreak.

Tests for devil facial tumor disease came back positive late last
week for 2 devils at the park.

It is the first time the disease has been found in a wildlife park.

The animals, a 4-year-old male and a 5-year-old female, were bred at
the park and are now in isolation.

Alex Schaap of the Primary Industries and Water Department says the
intrusion of a wild devil is the most likely explanation for the outbreak.

“The discovery of infected devils in that captive population is a
blow because we have a number of devils in captivity which are now at
risk of the disease. That doesn’t mean that other devils in captivity
are at risk,” he said.

The 4 devils sent to Denmark as a gift to celebrate the birth of
Denmark’s Prince Christian came from Trowunna.