Orange County Badass of the Month Award

Yesterday I visited South Coast Plaza, one of the two huge shiny shopping malls here. I visited Johan at Book Soup, where they keep the porno mags on the bottom shelf for the kids. I browsed a bit and bought a snobby intellectual magazine.

On the way out I saw a young Middle Eastern guy, skinny scraggly kid, who was wearing a black logo t-shirt. The type said something like ONE STRUGGLE, ONE CAUSE and on one side said PLO. I couldn’t quite see the other side; it might have said something in Arabic, or said “Hamas,” or something. It might have been some Israeli left-wing group for all I know.

And there he was with the PLO Struggle shirt just kickin’ it in the big Orange County shopping mall. Now that’s some free speech. Hope he made it home okay. Bad-ASS.

10 thoughts on “Orange County Badass of the Month Award

    1. a kid i used to know got kicked out of the mall for taking change out of the fountain. the security guard told hime to stop…
      “if there was a quarter on the ground, you’d pick it up?”
      “i guess”
      “well what does it matter if it’s under a foot of water?”
      sometimes i forget that you live all the way across the country, CH. that makes me sad. we should grow old and single together. be loud-talking old curmudgeons in a local bookstore or something. 2025 is going to be awesome!

  1. I bet that kid is on the terrorist watchlist.
    I made a t-shirt once when I worked in Denmark that said, Free Greenland. None of my co-workers thought it was funny though and they kept saying that if they could get rid of Greendland they would, apperently Greenland can’t function on it’s own without Danish financial support. Lame excuse if you ask me.

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