che-che-che cheetos

It is customary for followers of a cult not to know the real life story of their hero, the historical truth. (Many Rastafarians would renounce Haile Selassie if they had any notion of who he really was.) It is not surprising that Guevara’s contemporary followers, his new post-communist admirers, also delude themselves by clinging to a myth—except the young Argentines who have come up with an expression that rhymes perfectly in Spanish: “Tengo una remera del Che y no sé por qué,” or “I have a Che T-shirt and I don’t know why.”

Orange County Badass of the Month Award

Yesterday I visited South Coast Plaza, one of the two huge shiny shopping malls here. I visited Johan at Book Soup, where they keep the porno mags on the bottom shelf for the kids. I browsed a bit and bought a snobby intellectual magazine.

On the way out I saw a young Middle Eastern guy, skinny scraggly kid, who was wearing a black logo t-shirt. The type said something like ONE STRUGGLE, ONE CAUSE and on one side said PLO. I couldn’t quite see the other side; it might have said something in Arabic, or said “Hamas,” or something. It might have been some Israeli left-wing group for all I know.

And there he was with the PLO Struggle shirt just kickin’ it in the big Orange County shopping mall. Now that’s some free speech. Hope he made it home okay. Bad-ASS.

You know what I’m lookin’ at.

what you lookin at

They sell this as a Teen Wolf shirt, but I vividly remember a college classmate who was blessed with very large and beautiful breasts who wore this, and that was before that movie came out. She certainly enjoyed the triple-takes she got on Bruin Walk this way.

What Are You Looking At Dicknose T-Shirt

Oh, I still have an extra Romp Star babydoll shirt for whichever one of you LADIES would APPRECIATE it.