13 thoughts on “ALDO!

      1. that sounds like your system and youtube don’t like each other for some reason. anyway, i put it behind a cut. that’s necessary buttoo bad, since no one on the planet ever clicks on a cut. The file sizes on video are mostly going to be too big, though.

      2. I was commenting while you were cutting…
        I usually DO click on cuts – especially yours.
        And you’re right – this machine is poop, but since I don’t have one at home, it must make do. *sigh*

      3. WebKit actually has a touch of trouble rendering those embeds even when they’re not playing (they actually play fine). You can’t scroll past one without the page breaking up and going rather wonky.

  1. Oh great, now that you’ve mentioned Christopher Walken I have no choice but to imagine all of Aldo’s lines in the voice of The Continental.
    “How did I know that you would want more champa-gne? Because I love women. I can read their mail — I mean, minds.”

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