48 thoughts on “hurf burf WHAT? OLD!

    No falling in a pit with Dracula for you–you won’t get off that easy.
    Charles’ first birthday is in eight days. It is obvious to all with eyes to see that:
    Conrad, Charlie the Caterpillar, and Charles 3d are now meshed by unknowable bonds, the three-lobed eye to which near is far and far is near.

  2. Happy Birfday!
    Let me be the next in a long line of people to wish you many happy returns of the day! (I did not know your info was incorrect)
    I agree with — and at 45, you’ll look back at 40 and laugh!

    1. C’mon
      You didn’t even do a hack Photoshop job on it to get the age right.
      Crap, and now I have to go distract myself before I do something about this silly CGI project I feel coming on.

  3. Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday, Conrad. I know the feeling, one morning you wake up and think “Holy Cats! How the hell did I become middle aged?”
    mojo sends

  4. seems to be a popular age for people in my life right now. don’t know what you guys see in it, but hey, it gives me hope. =)
    oh yeah, happy birthday and such.

  5. Getting yuck all over the keyboard.
    At this very moment I’m rolling around on my floor in my best rubber trousers covered in angel food cake wiping the icing off with a framed photo of you. The candles singed half my chest hair.

  6. Happy Birthday! (I’ll spare you the “you’re getting better not older” and “men just become more distinguished with age” cliche crap although I am tempted)

  7. For those about to age, we salute you…
    1. Snarky remark involving the unmercifully hasty onslaught of time
    2. Genuine, heartfelt wish for you to have a happy birthday and a happy year
    3. Vague but sinister threat to enforce #2 by any means necessary, including unleashing mercenary band of armed Mexican wrestlers, rabid vigilante mob of “joy Muppets” and undead army of failed Presidential candidates led by surprisingly mirthful Alf Landon and his wily Capo Pat Paulsen.
    4. Reconsidering #3, possibly should have left it at #2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CONRAD!

    1. Re: I forgot about that whole logging in business.
      thanks! sometimes I forget to log in too and miss an entire chapter of someone’s life. stupid cookie things.

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