dirty and gritty

I spent the day sweating. Partly this was because it was over 80 F and unusually humid, although I have no right to complain; just about the rest of the nation had Suicide Weather.

I’m a sweaty guy to start with (helllooo, ladies!), and the happy helmet pills make it worse. When I was on Paxil it was almost humorous, and the current regimen is a lot less perspiratory. But wow, today. My alarm for “too sweaty” is when the waistband of my jeans is damp, and that hit about 1 pm.

I saw actual people I know tonight, which was nice. It was also really nice to get the hell out of the house and be somewhere with a breeze after making spaghetti & meatballs for 4, eating it, and then cleaning up the kitchen for a meal for 4. It’s nice to see my brother & nephew, but I forget each time what it’s like to be the cook for more than one or two people. My meatball-fu improved this time, though.

I just finished paying my Apple loan late (oops), on MBNA’s website. I was annoyed by two things. First, the online payments are delayed a few days, so that even though I had it in time it won’t be in time. It should be instantaneous, come on guys. Second, the slogan for the bank, which is the title of their webpage, is: If You’re Into It, We’re Into It. What. The. Hey? First Bank of Easy Rider?

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  1. Chase charges you $14.95 extra for a “same day” payment (or did, I saw something that now it is free during business hours). We both now the bits go over the wire pretty instaneously and someone is just warehousing it.

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