7 thoughts on “He’s baaaaack!

    1. His name is Don. He works at the coffee house. They transferred him to another coffee house because he was making everyone something something. Then they had to bring him back because they ran out of people.
      That photo captures him pretty well. He’s a unique and beautiful snowflake.

    1. He is a very pleasant guy to talk to, however.
      1. Biggest Eagles fan ever.
      2. Can listen to Dark Side of the Moon on auto-repeat all day.
      3. Incredibly patronizing to women.
      4. Cheerfully sociopathic as a coworker; does nothing, and does it slowly.

  1. So there was this one time before I knew Don when I went off on him about closing down the espresso machine fifteen minutes before closing. I never thought that Sister not getting her nonfat latte would upset me so much.
    ..then we got better

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