Don’t pop it.

wearescott has an important message for those guys who are trying to go back to 1982 and be preppies. DON’T.

The people who dressed this way at my high school were the enemy then, and they’re the enemy now. They bred, and their spawn are easily spotted. You all know what to do.

8 thoughts on “Don’t pop it.

  1. It’s weird, ‘cuz I’m fine with 80s music making a comeback (being that I’m a champion of cheese metal and cheese pop and what not), but those garish, candyland, retina-burning, neon, Miami Vice colors that were all the rage in the 80s can stay dead and buried in that time period, as far as I’m concerned.
    I’m keen on earthtones, always will be, I imagine.

    1. The guys with the popped collars in 1982 were despicable. They were 19 year old Reaganites with money and no values, basically frat zombies.

      1. As they have continued to exist past the period, I’m kind of happy that they are interested in getting back into uniform. Enemy identification is made that much easier. We should publish an enemy identification silhouette book.

      2. Hey, mohawks are popular in the suburbs nowadays too. I want to see the first popped-collar mohawk guy. That would make my whole day.

  2. yeah, the popped polo collars were a kind of textile-based iconography to make it clear who to shoot first when you snapped and went on your 1980s era spree-kill. I think the double-popped polos were worth 500 points, but I’d need to check the handbook.
    The icon really takes me back. I killed some music in my day, with all that home taping, but then again some music deserves to die. Why didn’t the RIAA sue me?
    Also i’d love to see the alien being with a skull shaped like that.
    my brain hurts, but that should be obvious.

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