Trout’s en route

He’s on the road, in Arkansas currently. He says: never go to Arkansas, they have more mosquitos than the Great Dismal Swamp.

He’s looking for a place to crash when he gets here, at least temporarily. As he says, he doesn’t need a restroom or a kitchen, more of a dry spot. I guess his real problem is the dog. If anyone knows of a dog-friendly motel around here that’d be great to know. He said he has enough cash to float for awhile until he finds a real place, anyway. But if you hear of any weird night watchman/sleeping bag living situations, drop ’em my way.

His own cellphone is dying but I have the phone of the guy who’s driving him.

2 thoughts on “Trout’s en route

  1. “Bob”
    I’m picturing a universe which unites the fundamental principles of Microsoft Bob, J.R. “Bob” Dobbs, “Bob” from Twin Peaks, and Bob Trout. I think we live in that universe.

  2. If anyone we know is a writer and is currently suffering from writer’s block, a week with Bob will cure that right away.

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