10 thoughts on “Waiter, my seat…

  1. brane… hurting…
    aside from that breathtaking headline, who names their restaurant Haus of Pizza? It’s European! Everyone likes that!

      1. Apparently the original founders included one German-American lady, so they went for it. It was 1974, a time of poorly thought out theme restaurants.

  2. Last time I was there, it resembled more of HAUS O’ FLATBILLERS!
    Watch out for the asshats in lifted trucks while balancing a pop and fresh-baked pie, they’ll getcha!

  3. When Mrs. Mojo and I used to live just down the street on Adams, it was our semi-regular Friday night date…
    Good pizza and pasta, if nothing fancy.
    Although, I would have to ask about that headline… is that charming crust or crusty charm?
    mojo sends

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