7 thoughts on “dear internet:

  1. I don’t know, but I recently started writing a story about something similar — total itch on the back of a hand. And in my case, and maybe yours, the only way to cure it is through a magical line graph whose lines, rather than reflect data gathered from the world, works in reverse and ends up determining the data. So alterations in the magical line graph will manipulate the severity of the itch. Anyway, it’s a plague of sorts. And it’s bad!
    Also, I was once friends with this homeless black man who lived in the shrubs in montecito, ca. He would tell me all about twitches and itches, and what they indicated. I think he was from the south, possibly new orleans. He would also buy me 40s of malt liquor. I don’t remember what he said about left index knuckle itch.


  2. It could be that the aliens are pissed at you for publicizing the demise of their major communications devices here on Earth.
    (See, this is why I shouldn’t be allowed to use a keyboard when connected to the interwebby thingy)


  3. I get eczema in odd little patches on my right hand. That’s the only place, thank goodness. But I suspect that you just have a case of the summer-itchies. It happens to me in summer all the time. I try hard not to think too hard about it, as then I end up imagining what unsavory things or creatures may have been moving about on my skin, and I get the willies in addition to the itchies.


    1. My mom gets it in exactly the same spot on the other hand. We both find that cortisone fixes it. It’s definitely heat/sweat related.
      The unsavory creature moving about on your skin is and you know it.


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