12 thoughts on “GAAAAH NO NO NO

  1. Oh that’s so sad! I loved the WWN when I was a kid. Loved it. I clipped headlines from it and tacked them to my wall. I think it’s been a real fixture in all of our lives in a way that people don’t even understand or acknowledge. The world will be a poorer place without it, that’s for damn sure.
    I wonder what’s going to happen to productions of “Bat Boy: The Musical.” Because that’s all licensed from WWN…

  2. man that sucks.
    small anecdote:
    One of my TOSAdvisor friends was in the WWN in an article about how she smoked like 3 cartons of cigarettes a day. I have a scan of the web version of the article somewhere… will find it when i finish unpacking!

    1. Oh, I would love to see this! That would get me another step closer to knowing someone who’s famous… except for you, of course, who is already as famous as one can be 😀

  3. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
    Surely this is just a ruse, a marketing ploy, a cry for help, something. This cannot stand. The line must be drawn. The Weekly World News must be saved. If only to keep Ed Anger off the streets.

  4. Waaah, seriously. WWN was clip fodder and fun for me back in the eighties. That, and I always wanted to be in it.
    (I ended up in The Sun instead. Close, but no dice. 🙁 )

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