The headline NASCAR looking to expand into the hip-hop lifestyle should be enough, but the press release itself takes it all the way. Pullquotes of note below:

  • As for the messages and products in development specifically, Earnhardt said they will be dope because adidas “always keeps it clean.”
  • During the recent race weekend in Chicago, rapper and Chi-Town native Twista rolled to the club in a Red Bull painted NASCAR street ride to promote his new album Adrenaline Rush Oh-Seven which touts a NASCAR tie-in.
  • Over the years, the sport’s crossover into the urban demographic has been hit and miss, but today one could say it’s “On and Poppin’.”
  • Team Red Bull driver Brian Vickers, who has made appearances on MTV’s TRL, tried to do his thang with Bow Wow and throw up a paint scheme to promote the rapper’s music, however, nothing panned out but the two are said to be buds and Bow Wow has since been to a few NASCAR races.

It’s fresh and dope that they’ve discovered the 1985-era Run DMC Adidas phenomenon.

I hope they work their way forward to NWA soon!

19 thoughts on “Nas CAR

  1. this woman actually typed, “the So So Def Family (Jermaine Dupri, Da Brat and Bone Crusher)…”
    sports and pop-music are have really become giant commericals. how lame. i mean, if you’re album revolves around a “product tie-in,” you are a fucking tool. sorry, “twista.”

    1. Fried FUCKING Pickles?!
      Well, we definately know she one one of many ‘Merican’s heading closer to a stroke!
      Favorite Food McDonalds No. 2 go-large, deep-fried dill pickles and any pizza found on a street corner in New York City

  2. That article is pretty awesome for ascribing hip-hop cred to Justin Timberlake.
    But best of all there’s the two great tastes that go great together: Jack Daniels and NASCAR.

      1. Yeah, and today I saw the NRA’s expanding tactical pants, tactical laptop bag with 23490234 pockets, and… NRA wind chimes.

  3. NPR did a special last month on NASCAR targeting “lower-income hispanics”. Looks like they are branching out- I can’t wait for all the shitty tie-ins galore. I hope they get the same ad agency as the US Armed Forces!

  4. Now, it’s probably unfair to overplay the violence in hip-hop, BUT for the sake of amusement…imagine if NASCAR feuds got so far that drivers were gunning each other down while in their cars at races. Pretty much everyone stands to gain from that.

  5. I recall watching some ad on Youtube – I have a feeling it was for Budweiser – that actually depicted this, umm, crossover. Damned if I can find it now, though.

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