Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Twitching Arm

Shoulder somewhat better but still fucked up. I have a very odd sensation in there, almost an itch, and I’m all spasmy. I’d make a great deformed murderer from an old movie right now, a la Peter Lorre.

I see a physical therapist on Friday. Per hensatc‘s recommendation I am going to a place where all the clinical staff are also certified athletic trainers: Prosport Physical Therapy. I hope they’ll forgive me for being very unathletic.

Since I mostly buy stuff on the internet now, I get the Joy of Package Delivery often. I really like getting a parcel and opening it. Today I got two Pendleton shirts and some geekbooks I need for work.

If I haven’t read and commented on you lately, it’s not ’cause I hate you, it’s ’cause I am reserving my limited typing endurance for work.

6 thoughts on “Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Twitching Arm

  1. Seeing athletic-minded physical therapists is definitely the best way to go. They focus on actually getting things back in working order and preventing re-injury instead of just restoring mobility.


  2. Somnolent Protests
    Spasms are so odd, aren’t they? When I was pregnant, I had trouble with the Carpal Tunnel. I would awaken to find my right hand spasmodically clenching into a fist over and over again. I felt as though I must have been going to rallies in my sleep, pumping my fist. Fight the power!
    I love getting packages in the mail. It brings out the kid in me. Ooh! Mail that’s not a bill! Woohoo!
    Hope work is going well.


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