12 thoughts on “And it wasn’t “Orgasm Addict,” sadly.

  1. What song? My favourite of these events so far is someone using “Lust for Life” on a family car commercial. I wish Iggy was in it driving at the end though, with a big grin on his ravaged face and the back seat filled with young girls.

    1. you know i’ve had it in the ear before
      “everybody’s happy these days” with a bunch of people getting birthday cakes at various ages. blrgh

  2. yeah. i saw that. and, as usual, it missed the point of the song entirely – i didn’t hear “life’s an illusion, love is a dream” anywhere in the commercial.

  3. all the old punks are blogging this today!
    but really, you figure that they skew the cultural refereces younger so the people they’re aiming at feel like it really must be time to join. dontcha?

  4. Curmedgeon speaking.
    You know, as much as I’m perfectly aware that the poloroid commercial is the first time The Kinks ever made money off of “Picture Book”, and the Honda Element ad is the first time The Buzzcocks ever made money off of “Ever Fallen In Love”, and all those myriad ads that “Lust For Life” appear in is the first time any of The Stooges have made money off of it, and that the Cadilac commercial is the first time any of the surviving members of Led Zeppelin have made money comperable to an artist of their market share since 1973: as a fan it all still feels like they’re all shitting in my mouth.
    As an artist coming close to 40, I appreciate how scary the world is and how tempting it would be to sell off my youthful ideals; but it still feels like all these people are shitting in my mouth.
    As a composer, I’d be perfectly happy to write a jingle. But if I sold you a song that I represented as “this is what I’m really all about” it would never be in a commercial. That’s fucked up.
    Ultimately, I think my favorite artist ever was Artie Shaw: even as an old man he was never afraid to say that the people who bought his records were idiiots.

    1. Re: Curmedgeon speaking.
      I’m not sure — at least in the case of Iggy and the Stooges, I can only imagine him laughing his ass off at getting money for selling consumer happiness with “Lust for Life”. I think getting the last laugh *and* the cash is pretty swell.

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