tendons and muscles and nerves and me

My shoulder is trashed. It really hurts, just about all the time. Doctor on Friday. I feel like an idiot for not going weeks ago when it wasn’t that bad. I hope I don’t have double secret rotator cuff explosion requiring Civil War surgery with a saw.

I have a bad habit of doing the boiled frog and making something like this normal until I suddenly realize that it’s very abnormal. In this case I was feeling a bit nauseated from pain and unable to find a comfortable position ever before I called the doctor. Doh.

Ow ow, OW.

21 thoughts on “tendons and muscles and nerves and me

  1. “Doing the boiled frog” took me a second, but now I think you’re a genius and will use that all the time.
    Not like THAT is gonna help you out, so LET’S GET TO THOSE KEETUNS:

    Seriously, hope it works out in non-traumatic ways for you.
    Sorry for the OW.


  2. I totally relate except my chronic pain is in my left jaw joint and Aleve everyday is hardly touching it anymore. Then there’s the thrill of trying to chew. And the added thrill of knowing there isn’t a solid solution.
    Hope your solution will be more promising!


  3. yeah
    sucks and stuff
    likelihood of *the surgery* is low unless you have been engaging in repetetive overhead motion or said motion less often in balistic type movements
    given a 3day onset and the fact that you are less than 70
    rupture is somewhat lower than me adopting vista as my primary OS
    that being said
    doc isa good call
    strange shit happens
    and knowing is FAR better than not knowing in all things medical
    let me know if you want/need a second doc for opinions and such


    1. Thanks. “The Surgery” sounds like something you have done on the cat, and feel guilty about.
      Actually it’s been like this on and off for a couple months. Maybe my arm will fall off. If it does you can have it for taxidermy. And thanks for the offer of your considerable expertise.


      1. if i did attempt *the surgery* on the cat… it is something i cannot recall or comment about at this time
        as for the on and off for several months… that is slightly more worrying… but you are doing what you should for it now (ie getting someone who knows, to lay hands on) so there is no point worrying
        as I tell my kids… we dont know till we know. Till then dont bother making any decisions unless you like being wrong
        either way, good luck


  4. I know what you mean about just letting pain become normal. I ignored my Tennis Elbow for two months before it became bad enough that it was disturbing my sleep. Sleep time is too precious, and that finally got me to the doctor. has a remarkable capacity to ignore pain, much to my consternation. He’ll let months stretch into years without doing something about pain that would make me whine like a dog. He never really believes that the doctor can help. My experience is that they can. So hang in there. I’m glad that you’ve got an appointment.


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