not post so much

This is mainly because I got the flu and then my arm hurts. I still love you all and I’ve been reading the LJ, just not commenting as much because etc.

Also my mac is having horrible issues so I’m using the linux laptop, which is great but has less ease of use, and I am a lazy, lazy man. Back soon I hope.

12 thoughts on “not post so much

  1. That cold/flu thing is ridiculous, it is just now starting to evacuate my body. I think we’re at 13 days now. I gave myself a really strong cup of ginger tea and some wasabi (a boatload of wasabi) and it seriously helped, if you feel up to eating!


  2. Stepdad had flu so bad over the holidays he didn’t eat or drink much (couldn’t hold anything down), lost 12 pounds, and had to go to the hopspital when his kidneys shut down! A night on the IV and some anti-nausea meds and he’s fine now, but: scary!


  3. feel better
    wil you be commuting? A friend who teaches at UC Irvine and lives in that hood–she recomments 101 to 110 to 405 (or in yr case the reverse) as the fastest way.


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