WOTD: “Princesstute”

The reliably informative Exploding Aardvark has a roundup of 581% inappropriate toys for girls. If I had a 9 year old she would not get any of this shit.

Major points for the phrase “girl power index” and the sentence “Next year, Disney Fairies will be rolled out in earnest.”

Yet another example of the Women Now Empowered By Everything Women Does phenomenon. I support giving 9 year old girls zip guns and dropping them off at Disney headquarters.

22 thoughts on “WOTD: “Princesstute”

  1. “The mothers are ambivalent. Some say their daughters would be trying on makeup at home if they weren’t trying it on here. Some say this is okay, but only on special occasions. Some say this place troubles them, but so does the notion of banning something because that might cause their girls to want it more. (“I wish they were excited about a Lego party,” says mom Rebecca deGuzman. “Do they have to show their bellies?”)
    Why can’t these parents say no? It’s crazy.

      I read the NY Times article about the reprincessing of American Girls and…
      Well I worked on a DVD game for Disney and the market research was VAST. About 70 pages and a PP presentation about who the Princesses appealed to and why.
      IN COLOR.
      Many girls are attracted to that girly stuff, some are not, some are stifled by well meaning parentals and some are given whatever they want whenever they want and they only way to combat THE GREAT PINK FACEHUGGING DINSEYLAND DESTRUCTO is to listen and let kids be the people they are going to be with as much guidance as one can. Hopefully they grow up with some manners and not die.
      I guess the bigger question is really how to stop the advertising manipulation machine.

      1. oh dear…. The Jon Benet Syndrome Strikes again…
        It is SOOO hard for me to concieve of such a world where they are training courtesans from such ages…
        Remember that a well trained courtesan is a real investment in long term family power and control systems based in aristocratic social systems…..
        Can we say “Good Bye Republic, It was so nice to have known you….”

      2. Mae O’fennd was crowned Miss Prepubescent Princesstute of GreaterEastern West Texas in a three hour ceremony at the Eastern West Texas Normal School and Pig Repository (chapel).
        Her parents thanked Dr. Lurlene Pincher of the Dance-a-rama Studio, Li’l Hottiez Childrens Salon, and of course Jesus. Mae herself was not available for comment.

  2. Why You Racist Sexist Pervert
    shouldn’t little girls be allowed to have REAL FIRE ARMS!!!! Flame Throwers, Rocket Launchers, RPG’s, Assault Rifles, Machine Guns, as well as Zel Miller Lazer Death Ray Eyes!!! and not merely some cheap assed zip gun that might be made by ethnic urban person engineering and not rise to the great and glorious Professional Military Industrial Info-tainment Complex Standards!!!
    Your Type of Left Wing Loonie who supports the Gun Grabbing NRA and their Hatred of Arming Pre-Teen Girls with Crew Services Weapon Systems to help them learn team building Skills is just Disgusting…

      1. Re: Why You Racist Sexist Pervert
        Yes, but they have to learn to be Patriotically Corrector Than THOU!!!! It is a matter of National Security!!! You don’t want those Iranian Flying Saucers to Return, merely because the Liberals are Molly Coddling Pre-Teen Trollips….

      1. Re: Why You Racist Sexist Pervert
        You Go Girl!!!
        In the words of one of my dear friends, “boys are less likely to take your tools if you get pink handles…”
        and yes, if you have to work with an M1911A1, then PLEASE show some sense of professional courtesy and get it reramped!!!

      2. Re: Why You Racist Sexist Pervert
        You found a lovely photo of a .45 ACP M1911A1, that appears to have been totally rekitted on the outside with all of the cool stuff that would go into making it a ‘modern handgun’ – but one of the problems that folks often forget when redoing the outside is to make sure that the inside is Clean – and there is this cute little loading ramp that helps the bullets slide into the chamber that can get worn and dorked out….
        But basic long story short – either buy a modern hand gun, or plan to have your local gun smith spend the time to make it really work out…
        As for the rest of my kvetch, remember to professionals, tools are tools, and in this case, firearms are the tools of a specific trade..

  3. This STILL freaks me out…
    But you have to understand, my daughter SOOOO did not get into the Barbie Doll Model, and was unorthodoxly influence by her mother, who was the toughest sailor on the block….
    So I am still having a grave time wrapping my brain around the idea that this is even going on… That it is not some sort of Super Sick Onion Article Meme Generator gone totally Wacko….
    So thanks for the catch.

  4. I’ve noticed an uptick in the correlation between asshole ghetto bitches and Tinkerbell car paraphernalia. Or maybe it’s just that I’ve started noticing.

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