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  1. Seriously! It’s a sneaky thing too. Mine went sort of like this:
    *Oh, I think the wind is affecting me, I feel congested
    11 minutes later:
    *BLAM, total tonsil expansion and uncontrolable runny nose in the Ralph’s with no tissues.

  2. Ah, no no no. I am sick with boredom. Two weeks off work and no school is bad for my immune system. May I recommend: Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer? You’ll giggle the phlegm out, promise.

  3. Sorry to hear about the phlegm and all that stuff. I’m just barely staving off what My Lovely Wife’s got: I’ve been taking vitamins with a level of Obsessiveness and Compulsiveness that verges on Disorder.

      1. The one in your profile.. at yahoo I believe. My question was: who makes good country- or region-sized maps? I have an atlas but it kinda sucks, and I wanted to get some reasonably good quality maps of regions like South Asia or of countries. I have no idea who sucks and who’s good in that field, and I thought you might know even though you’re in the business of selling ancient maps of Mu, etc.

      2. Oh – in terms of recent maps, or the antiques? As far as anything prior to the 19th century goes, I’m golden. For current day maps I’m pretty clueless.

      3. Rats! Okay, thanks anyway. I’ll poke around on the internet and fine some cartographic flamewars.
        I dunno if you’ve seen /Arrested Development/, but Buster the permanent student has the same problem. They’re trying to run from the police in a boat and he only knows 18th century English maps.

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