Have you come here to give cheezits to the lamers in your head

The new best corporate anthem ever is courtesy the Bank of America and it is here:

I never knew a merger could be such a spiritual thing and so full of longing.

Also, although I am from Orange County, CA I have never in my life seen anything this white.

10 thoughts on “Have you come here to give cheezits to the lamers in your head

  1. Um…that was painful. I am going to take headache medication, now.
    However, it was also highly amusing to see a cubicle nerd who is balding and dressed in a white shirt with a PINK tie making such a big deal for 15 seconds of fame.
    *holds head*
    …former cubicle nerd

  2. my favorite line…
    “…or is nascar more your speed?”
    they got a standing ovation. oh yeah, i watched the whole thing.
    thanks for the nightmares substitute =P

  3. It’s like the bastard offspring of “Let the Mighty Eagle Soar” and Ricky Gervais’ character on The Office singing “Free Love on the Free Love Freeway.” Beautiful.
    Oh god, I really need to switch credit cards.

  4. Sweet Baby Jesus!
    It burns! It burns! Aaaaaaaagghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!……………………………………………….
    whew. Yowch. Well, at least is avenged for my showing her the Idol thing…

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