8 thoughts on “THE EMU WILL PECK

  1. “Emus have become a bit of a farming trend in southern Illinois, where they are not native.”
    Wait…wait…emus are NOT native to southern Illinois? I am shocked to learn this!

  2. They actually are sort of dangerous. I think the term is “gut you like a fish” — very strong legs and they kick for the mid-section. Not something to mess with.

    1. Yeah, ostriches are also dangerous. The subject line from this post came from a sign saw at a county fair, I think, warning of the dangers of the flightless livestock.

  3. My work has an emu. It’s a frightening creature. It looks like a dinosaur, and it roars like a lion. It’s fenced in around a big pond, with old farming equipment along the shore.

  4. What IDIOTS! Growing up in Australia, I had the opportunity to be around Emus. They are somewhat intelligent, and can be assertive. But it doesn’t take all that much to put a rope around it and lead it away into a fenced area or something like a horse trailer. They could have even thrown a net over it. How sad and pathetic.

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