Courtesy yoscott. Also: these people need to hire a specialized employee called a “newswriter.”

By Rosa Duarte
WSLS NewsChannel 10
Thursday, October 5, 2006

A family van catches on fire after hitting a flying hog.

Only charred remains is all that’s left of the van. Lisa Hancock says she was driving back home from church Tuesday night with her husband and son, when a 500 pound hog crossed the road in front of them on Route 21 in Wythe County.

Another car, driving in the opposite direction hit the hog first, sending the animal flying on top of the hood of the mini van.

Lisa says the flames began to spark out of the hood after the impact, that when she and her family got out. The driver of the other car wasn’t hurt, both cars were totaled.

The person responsible for the damage is the farmer who owns the hog, the farm is down the road from where the accident happened.