Welcome, Jemifer.

I have received this communication from “Jemifer” or “Jenifer” (spelled both ways) on myspace. It looks like Jem (Jen) has had a whole lot of coffee, because this all obviously came out in a rush. It’s rare for someone in a calm state of mind to misspell her own name. There’s a lot to chew on here, and I will have to consider my response to her very carefully. Clearly she’s a passionate person and a serious thinker, and someone who is thinking outside of her box.

I have met “net-friends” many times but haven’t had her experience of feeling nervous, or wondering what they’ll look like in person. And I did let go of my expectations years ago, about damn near anything. But she’s probably a lot younger.

She does bring up a good point about dishonesty, particularly where size is concerned. I have a refined and quite serious fetish that requires my girlfriends to be at least three meters tall and not less than 20 cm in diameter, and I can’t tell you how many times some hopeful bachelorette has insisted that she meets these requirements only to disappoint — INSTANTLY — on first meeting.

I’m not sure what Jem/Jen asks of me, or any of us really. The call to adventure is clear, and she’s an encouraging person with a touching faith in the victory of love over the petty barriers of distance, appearance, and language. However, the language itself becomes a problem and it’s hard to say how we should respond to her.

Anyway I’m at a loss. Maybe one of you can help her out, or at least find out how she spells her name.

Hello am Jemifer……………
In meeting net-friends for the first time, just remember that they are probably as nervous as you are! Its always a shock for me to finally SEE someone Ive known “o nline” for ages, but it will pass quickly.
Let go of your expectations – the expectation that i will like you (and the corresponding fear that i wont), and the expectation that you will like me (and the fear that you wont). The beauty of the net is that there are no looks, no accents, no physical barriers to filter through….
Just the essence of ones soul. You look on the net for women that would bring out the beauty of their hearts, and yet you bring in the same expectations that might have caused you to fail in finding a mate in the real world. If women lie to you about their size and their looks, then that is because you expect them to lie to you. If you could see my inner beauty without tainting it with your physical expectations, you would be amazed at how many Gems you could find on the net.
On the NET, you have the chance to behold the beauty of ones spirit.
Accept people for who they are, and stop expecting them to be who you want them to be, and you would be surprised how many beauties will break your doors down. Try it, and you will have the same success both on the net, and on the real world.So cyber relationships that turns into real time relationships can and do work.If you go into it with the right attitude then you wont be disappointed. For me, look s didnt matter. I fell in love with the way person opened up to me.
And if u care for a private chat also u want to know more about me u can contact me with this e-mail address
jenifernxtblock4u@yahoo.com….hope to hear from u soon……….


6 thoughts on “Welcome, Jemifer.

  1. It’s all very poetic, but is it also defensive?
    I have/had (she’s passed away) a friend who went through e-Harmony and met this “wonderful” guy who abused her horribly once they got behind closed doors. As you can imagine, it was tramatizing on top of the fact she became deathly ill the very same weekend, was admitted into the hospital and died nine months later. It’s been so terribly sad to think that this encounter she had with this man preceded such a lengthy and tragic illness and her demise.
    Go for adventure but always locate your exits!


  2. Friend it is time to read from the book of De La Soul, “Jenifa Taught Me” 3:5.

    Positions, muscles flexed, Dove was lost in a Ghana hex
    Passed her test, felt her teddy, Jenifa, oh Jenny
    Notions soothed the mood, Dove was lost in De La heaven
    Scream Plug 2, did the do, Jenifa, oh Jenny
    Jenny teased my homeboy Granny, in fact she teased so many
    She was known as a garden tool
    No more I dispatch, was it Jimmy had met his match?
    Or could it be the realization all girls owned a Jenny?
    For normal health I have fought, a valuable lesson she hath taught
    Don’t flaunt that the candy is good unless you came with plenty


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