Wag the Hog

Secret police, makers of secret police fanclub TV show meet

This is worth reading just for the million dollar phrase “Moderated by Rush Limbaugh.”

I didn’t know that 24‘s sets person designed the operations center for the National Counterterrorism Thingy. That’s hilarious.

Also. Clarence Thomas?

Also. Chertoff took time for this?

3 thoughts on “Wag the Hog

  1. priceless.
    “The session was weighed down at times by Limbaugh’s tendentious and leading questions; he was constantly striving to get the panelists to confirm his notions that Hollywood, foreigners, and liberals don’t like the show and/or aren’t hip to the war on terror, rather than acting as a neutral, inquisitive moderator of the discussion.”
    That’s a pretty barbed political comment for DefenseTech. Usually they try hard to stay in Wonk-land.

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