latest aristos playing at shepherds fuck entire country

You know what you really don’t want if you live in an impoverished sub-saharan African country? Well, obviously you don’t want flies laying eggs in your eyes or dysentery. One other think you don’t want is asshole famous rich people deciding to have a child there becauses it would be special.

Go find yourself at the Beverly Hills Hotel and let Namibia alone. Or just write a check. Jerks.

6 thoughts on “latest aristos playing at shepherds fuck entire country

  1. They would seriously wilt and die if people weren’t paying attention to them constantly, wouldn’t they? Well, we’ll see how special that kid feels when she hits third grade with a name like “Shiloh Pitt.”


    1. I can understand why someone might name a child Shiloh. Pretty name. Means “place of peace.” Unfortunately, and it could just be me, but the horrific meatgrinder of a Civil War battle by the same name comes more readily to mind. Don’t Brangelina have teh intarwebs? Doesn’t anyone tell them these things?


  2. I think it’s just great that in my very last mainstream news refuge of last resort, Google News, (I abandoned CNN because of extreme SHARKATTACK syndrome) you can utterly obliterate the ‘Entertainment’ category entirely and yet they will still constantly cram little nuggets about one of: Tom, Katie, Brad, Angelina, Jennifer, or Britney into the TOP STORIES. Gah.
    It really doesn’t make it any better to know that a robot is doing it. In fact, it’s possibly worse.


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