In distress. Not under power, not under control, not under command.

Break break break mayday, mayday, mayday.

Pan pan, pan pan, pan pan. United States Coast Guard Long Beach has received report of a vessel in distress…

4 thoughts on “FLAG DAY

    1. Re: sucks
      S’ok. We got out the deck chairs and the shuffleboard and we’re laying bets on capsize vs. end down. Have a piña colada!

      1. Re: sucks
        Yeah, chip ice off the iceberg for the blended drinks, eh. Start early so you’re hammered enough to not care when your shuffleboard game gets tilted and screwed up.

  1. Guh
    Can you tell me a happy story about how things will be less doomtastic here in the forgotten fringes of the Empire, than in the swirling core?

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