beyond blunderdome: christ, what an asshole

Getting popped for DUI is bad. It’s unpleasant and irresponsible to drive drunk. But if you pay the penalty and deal with your shit and don’t do it again, that’s good.

Being racially abusive is really bad too, drunk or not. But there are some people who say and do things drunk they don’t believe sober. And when they apologize (and stop getting drunk), it’s only fair to take them at their word.

But if someone is taken in for DUI, and in the process blasts out a tirade of anti-Semitic slurs and threats at the officers, and that someone is a prominent filmmaker whose father is a Holocaust-denying anti-Semite, and that person has not repudiated his father’s views, and that person is a member and supporter of his father’s crazy church, and that person has made a passion play film of just the kind used to launch pogroms and massacres, it’s time for more than just a public apology.

Hey Mel? It’s time for a complete turnaround. Stop drinking, stop being racist, repudiate your bigoted family and friends, and spend a decade or so making amends. Or just toss the citizenship and leave, because you’re not wanted.

latest aristos playing at shepherds fuck entire country

You know what you really don’t want if you live in an impoverished sub-saharan African country? Well, obviously you don’t want flies laying eggs in your eyes or dysentery. One other think you don’t want is asshole famous rich people deciding to have a child there becauses it would be special.

Go find yourself at the Beverly Hills Hotel and let Namibia alone. Or just write a check. Jerks.

High quality kook

See my latest post in for the strange and wonderful life of Mikko Jack, Julie Andrews’ forgotten firstborn son, Finnish royalty, and central figure in the deep and dangerous mysteries of the last century. He’s also a stevedore.

I wish I could get hold of the 14-hour video he sent to Blake Edwards.