Hot celebs spoon as normal human reacts

The lady in the foreground has the expression on her face that I would if my swimming hole filled up with tongue-wrestling famous beautiful people. Who the fuck are you? Where the hell are my cigarettes? I want to buy this lady a drink.


8 thoughts on “Hot celebs spoon as normal human reacts

      1. They must do it– for the future!
        If by me, you are referring to the perceived basic advanced happiness and advantage that beautiful children have, and which follows them up through adulthood. This isn’t to make a person good or their life worthwhile but to be born handsome, beautiful, or otherwise attractive is to leverage an advantage upon a child in the same vein as were they born into wealth. Since, at this point in my life, I can not guarantee the status and wealth of my children– much less my grandchildren, the only thing I can give in their behalf is good genes (and I am shallow enough to ensure that they will get some like genes from whoever has the dubious fortune of marrying me and consumating with the result of kids– poor woman).
        I’ll not willingly grant my future children any disadvantages that I can foresee, nor would I expect them to levy any disadvantages upon their own children– my beloved grandchildren, little models and spoiled brats, though they may be. It’s not necessary that the two in the picture procreate, but some beautiful people must find happiness and wed, so that my eventual (and probably unplanned) offspring will have someone beautiful from a loving and positive background to marry and with whom to find happiness, both shallow and spiritual.

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