My favorite insane cult from the 1980s is the CHURCH UNIVERSAL AND TRIUMPHANT, led by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Her books were in the weirdo section and I was always fascinated. There was something about St. Germain, and new Christian prophecies, and aliens, and everything.

Like everyone else they had a compound. Theirs was by Yellowstone and they stockpiled weapons waiting for the inevitable pseudo-Christian apocalyptic disaster.

Ms. Prophet had a unique preaching style, and fortunately a recording of one service at least survives. This is from my 20th birthday! Many of you will have heard one of these tracks (“invocation for Judgement”) because it’s an attack on rock music that lists a long series of popular bands in 1984 that must be destroyed, and are comically mispronounced (Cindy Looper, etc.).

Decree 12.10 is only for completists, as it’s basically 27:57 of deranged cattle auctioneer/martian hoedown/speaking in tongues. The others are great though. If you just get one, get #4, the Great Divine Rector’s Call. Please download rather than streaming, and mirror if you want to share.

The Sounds of American Doomsday Cults: The Church Universal and Triumphant

  1. Dedication To The Tackling Of The Beast And The Dragon — The Momentum Of Rock’n’roll
  2. Call For Protection
  3. Video Shorts With Two Announcements (Excerpt)
  4. Preamble — Great Divine Rector’s Call
  5. Invocation For Judgement Against And Destruction Of Rock Music
  6. Decree 12.10
  7. Decree 10.05


      1. and don’t forget the Unarians in El Cajon with the Archangel Uriel! They have videos that still get shown on cable access – NOT TO BE MISSED.
        She used to drive around San Diego is a big Lincoln Towncar with a flying saucer welded to the top of it. She used to love how people would wave at her as she drove by. Hells, who WOULDN’T wave at that?!?


  1. Billy Joel is responsible, though
    Was the invocation for Judgement ever used as a loop in a Ministry song?
    I love how this is from your 20th birthday! May I attend your family functions?


    1. Re: Billy Joel is responsible, though
      Yes, and I can’t remember which song.
      I wonder what life has in store for me on other important decade birthdays? Maybe we’ll hit peak oil/nuclear war on my 50th.


  2. The “Invocation” was used, nearly in its entirety, by Negativland on a great track on their seminal album “Escape From Noise.” I always wondered where that came from! Thanks for posting this!


  3. “Invocation..” was used in Mylo’s “Destroy Rock & Roll”.. the first Uk version is a straight sample to electro music.. the second version on the US release (The Tom Neville Mix) is a bit more listenable.. a shorter list, and syas “DESTROY!!” before each band name. But the US album mix has a different voice redoing the spoken parts. I wonder if this “church” tried to sue him. there seems to be no info about this anywhere on the net. But also Fatboy Slim used this in a track called “Michael Jackson”.. also rerecorded mysteriously sans preacher as “Illuminati” on the Tomb Raider soundtrack.
    Thanks for posting this.. this stuff is hilarious!!!


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