Karl Rove would like to be your friend

  1. The Republican Party is ready to PARTY. Party down with Dubbya & Company. The magic happens May 22. Do it well and you could get a special Republican Party Edition iPod!
  2. If that wasn’t enough, the GOP hits the social networking wave with MyGOP! It’s like Myspace or Friendster except without hotties or friendly people. Oh, excuse me, It’s My GOP MADNESS 2006! Now that makes more sense.



4 thoughts on “Karl Rove would like to be your friend

  1. Well, either the site is so popular that it’s gone down, or the GOP doesn’t want to hear from no damn furriners, ’cause all I get is:

        (113) No route to host

    Such a shame, too. I so wanted to party down with some Republicans this 22nd.


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