Hello. I am currently at work watching the COPS New Year’s Marathon, brought to you by Smallpox, an FX Channel Event.

Because so much is riding on your, um, head.

I don’t usually like LJ “memes” but this one allows me the indulgence of self-aggrandizing oneupmanship.

This week our entire development network went down hard because someone in the IT dept pushed some boxes in the back of a closet and hit a power strip.

Subject: A Christian Man want help from you

+ received new remaster/re-release of Gang of Four’s Entertainment!/Yellow E.P.

Ladies and gentlemen, the newest stamp from the Mexican postal service, commemorating a beloved cartoon character named “Memin Pinguin”


This compilation came out in 1986, and is my favorite of Hal Willner’s collections.

Friday nights redux: time with friends, some good moments.

Got a stalker? Carry a stealth pepper spray cellphone!

I just experienced the sexual equivalent of the Seinfeld “Muffin Tops” episode.

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  1. “I just experienced the sexual equivalent of the Seinfeld “Muffin Tops” episode”
    Neuman sat down at a table with a glass of milk and had sex with 50 garbage bags full of headless bodies?

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