6 thoughts on “stalk us

  1. Yeah, it does look like Sim City, which vaguely creeps me out. lol The sat photos of Santa Monica I’ve seen look like smart bomb targeting views, which had a rather different sort of creepiness 😉


    1. Re: Not so cool.
      With Firefox, I was able to get it to half-work. Dragging (like in Google Maps) didn’t really work well at all.
      Was the link supposed to go to D’s? It looked like it was linking to somewhere like Fashion Island and the hotels and medical/office high-rises around there, but I couldn’t tell for certain.


  2. After playing with it for 15 minutes, my only comment is: “it’s like Google Earth, but with a crappy interface!”
    Cool looking, though, when you can get it to work right.


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