The French word for “pudding” is apparently “pudding”

I had a really great dinner with salome_st_john tonight. Mmm, Pescadou. Great food, great wine, great conversation. It’s interesting how someone with whom I have so much in common has had a totally different life.

Also, I had a hell of a steak au poivre. God damn.

Brain lady was productive today. I was drifting into a very unpleasant mental state in which everything distracted and irritated me. If I was working on something and someone asked me a question, it was hard not to snap. My thinking was clouded, too; it was hard to find words. And decisions were nearly impossible. I got the technical rundown on which squishy brain parts were responsible for this. It wasn’t the multitasking function this time, which was interesting. So then beep boop neurofeedback on different sites this time. I left much calmer.

Saw Michelle & Joy at D’s. Hadn’t seen Joy in forever. Her father has died and the family is going through the expected horrors. I managed not to propose marriage to Michelle again; I’m quite proud of myself. Later had a convo with Chris-with-the-old-laptop about crazy health food store types and the belief in essences, “natural” medicine, and huge doses of everything.

There is now a cat leaning on my leg.

Tonight I smoked for the first time in at least a year. It was nice. It tasted like my first cigar.

Good night to Mr. and Mrs. America and all the ships at sea, I guess.

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