6 thoughts on “I can’t believe you slept with LUMBERGH!

  1. At last, a costume with flair!
    This Halloween, terror has a new master…LUMBERGH!
    My point would be that this is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen. Eerie. This wasn’t some kind of clever Fox promo tie-in for the fact that a special edition of “Office Space” comes out on DVD this Tuesday, was it? (the Best Buy version comes complete with mug, mouse pad, picture frame, pen/pencil set and red stapler, in a cardboard file cabinet…) I’m hoping for a bonus edition with arson equipment and embezzlement software.

    1. Re: At last, a costume with flair!
      One of the great conflicts in Dave’s life is that he could become Lumbergh. He’s a good man, and he strives to do good, but Lumbergh is his shadow, his dark side, his Bad Head self.
      I think it helps for him to act it out at times. We’ll have to ask her wife if she agrees.

  2. the problem I have is how to I ever top this. We ended up at a bar later and guys were having me take pictures with their girlfriends…I felt like a minor celebrity and I created a minor stir. I got more praise than all the cleavage in Newport.

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