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        Why do you think that? He’s helped discover some underwater cities never known about and if you mean about the pyramid stuff, he has recently recanted his old opinions about their origins and concurs that they were built about 5K years ago. Though he’s mainly an author, his research into ancient civilizations has been quite cutting edge. I’ve heard that “Talisman” is quite a good read – just haven’t had the time yet.

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        He’s a nut! He believes in a secret ancient continuing astronomy cult like something out of the “Da Vinci Code”. It’s like the old Erik von Daniken nonsense; people who can’t let fascinating ancient civilizations be what they are and need them to be science fiction. Speculative junk. He’s either bats or a fraud.

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        Hmm. Doffing my cap in respect to your big yummy brain, I do believe you might be mixing him a bit with Colin Wilson and the ley line stuff. Interesting stuff, however, tho I concur with the oddness of it. Hancock (over the last couple of years) has distanced himself from alot of the pyramidiots. In fact, the real nut in Egytpology is Zahi Hawass – the director of antiquities for Egypt who fashions himself as a real-life Indiana Jones and has publicly admitted that he thinks he’s the reincarnation of Khufu. He has stood in the way of a lot of discoveries until he can put his own name on stuff. A wacky man in a wacky country.

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        “Doffing my cap in respect to your big yummy brain”.. uh. okay. sorry i pissed you off.
        Kooks often do interesting work as well as kookiness. Schliemann was dead wrong about Troy but he sure dug up some cool stuff.
        Someone who has simultaneous revolutionary theories about ancient Americans, the true meaning of the pyramids, Atlantis, and the “paranormal” qualifies as a kook to me. Outsider archeology is kinda fun in an Indiana Jones way but I can’t take it seriously.
        That Zahi Hawass guy is so bizarre that I’d find him unbelievable in a work of fiction.

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        “uh. okay. sorry i pissed you off.”
        Good gravy, man NO ! you didn’t piss me off. I was merely noting that I respect your intelligence.
        The interesting thing about outsider archaeology is that, maybe by design, it takes people away from commonly held mistakes to find amazing stuff, ala Schliemann (Or Belzoni, for that matter.) So if a Alienhunter finds an underwater city ruin unheard of before, I say Huzzah!
        A fun book about ley lines is called “The Atlantis Blueprint” by Colin Wilson and Rand Flem-Ath. Sure it gets into the unicorn/rainbow/fairy dance stuff, but it also shows surprising collararies in the positioning of sacred sites around the world, the possibility that the earth shifted drastically a loooong time ago and somehow finds the time to fit in Rosicrusian and Knights Templar stuff too. Say what you want about Wilson, he’s a real page-turner.
        Hawass actually stopped the Upuat project from mapping the new doors inside the air chambers of the Great Pyramid at Giza because it would not have had his name on it. The doors sit (apparently) untested for what – two years now? He has railed against “the Jews” in press conferences. He’s a cartoon and a disgrace in such an important position. He’s the George W of archaeology. Ever see him on the teevee? A charicature.

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        Yeah, Hawass is like that wacky Iraqi Minister of Information. I wonder what he has on the government there that they can’t can him; what an embarassment.
        Colin Wilson wrote my favorite neo-lovecraftian novel: “The Philosopher’s Stone”. I love his fucked-up fiction, even when it makes me want to wash my hands with bleach afterwards.

      7. Re: ???
        Wilson IS porn for the brain, eh?
        Hawass is an appointed official and his public views on Jews has kept him in his seat – he’s also a homie, so they wouldn’t have to deal with potentially appointing a western scholar, like Mark Lehner, who has essentially become Hawass’s lackey. If you’ve ever been to Egypt, you already know everything is kept together with bandaids and chewing gum, even the government.

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