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<3<3<3Down Ass/Classy Chick-Wants 2Hang Out W/ Some 1 Down as Her<3
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Date: 2005-10-20, 1:53AM PDT

Little about me…….
I am 20 years old, very sweet, honest and outgoing, very mature for my
age…… I love to go to the gym, although my body doesn't need it LOL, just wanna be healthy. I am a very petitte girl, Nationalities are Caucasian,some Indian<- which keeps me nice and tan. 5'6",115lbs, I have green eyes, black and blonde streaked hair, just had Breast Aug…. Humm I LOVE UFC fighting!!!! I love Tattoo's!!! Crazy, Outgoing, Down ass guys… I am soooo into CARS, love to go to Car and Truck shows…… umm Street Bikes, woo hoo ;), I was in a Street bike accident 6 weeks ago….. Still love them and wanna ride !!!! I like to lay on the beach and relax, and listen to the water and possibly fall asleep, lol. I love to rollerblade along the boardwalk at the beach. I love cooking, making breakfast, lunch, dinner, and baking!!! I am a very down to earth girl, I like to make it a joke to say that I am a down ass B*tch, LOL…..I am looking for some cool friends,NOT interested in "hook ups", or sex, or a relationship. I am newly (4 ) months out of being engaged for 2 years, and not willing to give myself to just anyone. Of course If I meet that right person, then its different 🙂 … Well anyway, I guess thats a little about me, sounds like im a crazy girl… Im just well rounded, how I like others. Im very classy sexy, and I want someone the same 🙂 Sexy, sexy ONLY for who I am with…. but kick back too.

Anyways.. PS…. I do have pictures…..
I have experienced some people that were not who they said they were and def. wasn't the person in the pic.. I AM WEIRY, AND FREAKED OUT!!!!!! DONT NEED STALKERS FOR REAL …

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