I for one welcome our new cliché catch phrase overlords.

  1. odradak especially and fans of good animation and Piaf will enjoy A quoi ça sert l’amour, a lovely animation of the song. It’s pure romance in the very best way. Thanks, Exploding Aardvark!
  2. Looks like it’s “Neuroscience Deals with Religion” week for all of us, as the Dalai Lama arrives to speak at a neuroscience conference and some people feel that’s not such a great idea. I’m with the asshole scientists and not the lamafans here. (Thanks again, Exploding Aardvark!)
  3. And now, your moment of ostrich (SFGate via tuliphead)
  5. Screenshots of a new MMORPG called. um. Yogurting.
  6. VW has built the EcoRacer, a mid-engined sports car with a 0-60 of 6.3 seconds, top speed of 143 mph, and an average fuel economy of 83 miles per gallon. Runs on a 1.5 liter diesel engine. Why can’t I preorder one now?
  7. “Trained Wasps” sounds more like a plot device for a horror movie than a way to find bombs.
  8. trinnit sends me this really bad day at the tollboth.
  9. In other criminal justice news, this guy would have been better off as a Dale Earnhardt fan.

And now off to the phrenologist.

2 thoughts on “I for one welcome our new cliché catch phrase overlords.

  1. when I say the word Yogurting, I had high hopes for a go-gurt adventure. It seems that it’s anime based, which is exciting for me as well, just still a bit of a let down…

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