Amazon recommendation funnies

Browsing Amazon for books about fascism (yes I am a cheery fellow), I found one in the usually excellent “Very Short Introductions” series. Of course Amazon always likes to pair things up and get you to buy two. In this case they ended up making a controversial statement about political economy.

No! They aren’t better together! No! NO!


7 thoughts on “Amazon recommendation funnies

  1. Have you seen this piece on Falangism? It’s fascism’s coke-addled, delinquent-until-40 wayward son.

    Falangist regimes usually have grandiose rhetoric, but unlike fascist states their main enemy is their own breathtaking mediocrity.


    1. I’ll go read that now. F(Ph)alangists always did remind me more of the grandiose, doomed Italian variant of fascism. For example the ones in Lebanon. It would be comic opera if not for the body count.


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