I hate you, milkman eyeteeth


Yes, this was an actual Disney animated television show pilot in 2003. The artist who did this is mostly known for gay beefcake art (NSFW), apparently. He’s also a successful caricaturist (ranai do you know this guy?). I wish he didn’t look so much like Jeff Gannon but I guess that clone look goes with the territory. Walt Disney presents: Tom of Finland… on ICE!

The Brontës, though? Disney? WHAT THE…

2 thoughts on “I hate you, milkman eyeteeth

  1. Oh my…
    What the…
    Holy fuck… No, I’ve never heard of that guy but I’ll check to see if he’s a member of the Nat’l Caricaturist Network. If not, maybe we can get him to be our next guest speaker.
    Also, the gay beefcake art samples makes me question this comic cover he apparently pencilled:

  2. Rawr, Branwell
    I don’t see why calling “The Brontés” [sic] to your attention makes me a milkman. The dude with the slice of cake on his ass, yes. But I would totally have watched this show!

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