Dear Amazon:

I’m not into what you’re into. It’s not that I’m critical of your lifestyle; I just get my kicks from different things. I’m looking right now for one of those geeky weather things you put on your house and it talks to your computer and you have a weather station. That’s all. So, when you ask:

“Did you mean wireless leather station?”

The answer is no.



P.S. Out of sheer curiosity: I know about the leather lifestyle, but how is it wireless, or associated with stations? This is a new area of human sexuality to me.

Amazon, where you’re only a few clicks from WHAT

From looking at books on neurofeedback, and being a bit squicked by someone’s healthfoodstorenutcase list including the phrase “Neurofeedback + light/sound device = Infinite Synergy!! Out of this world !!! The proteus also goes up to 50hz”, I clicked on a list that was linked, but was actually just about fucked-up Twin Peaks type stuff, and then linked from that was, uh


Six degrees of dumbass, everywhere. AMERICA FUCK YEAH!

Amazon recommendation funnies

Browsing Amazon for books about fascism (yes I am a cheery fellow), I found one in the usually excellent “Very Short Introductions” series. Of course Amazon always likes to pair things up and get you to buy two. In this case they ended up making a controversial statement about political economy.

No! They aren’t better together! No! NO!