Amazon, where you’re only a few clicks from WHAT

From looking at books on neurofeedback, and being a bit squicked by someone’s healthfoodstorenutcase list including the phrase “Neurofeedback + light/sound device = Infinite Synergy!! Out of this world !!! The proteus also goes up to 50hz”, I clicked on a list that was linked, but was actually just about fucked-up Twin Peaks type stuff, and then linked from that was, uh


Six degrees of dumbass, everywhere. AMERICA FUCK YEAH!

3 thoughts on “Amazon, where you’re only a few clicks from WHAT

  1. Eexers. But on a completely unrelated note, I saw your link for scotch ostrich eggs and showed it to a friend from Birmingham just now. There’s an ostrich farm not far from here (of course not…I have a llama farm practically next door), and now he is all fired up to try it, only deep-fried. Because we are in America’s Spleenland, where there are also easily accessible turkey deep-fryers. I’ll keep you posted on any developments. Personally, I’m expecting a conflagration.


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