4 thoughts on “Patio; cat. Catio; pat. Catpatio. Patcatio.

  1. More patio pictures.
    Panoramic ones. QTVRs. 3D walkthroughs with comment from the locals that I’ve never wanted to strangle. A directors cut with clips of the drives to and from Diedrichs with cameos from my former landladies. A piece on this mysterious newcomer, this ‘Bird Lady’ that everybody is up in arms about. DZ’s current scariness…

    1. I don’t much european in me (well, not for the past few generations) but I like seeing cats, well, everywhere. Provided they aren’t doing anything particularly nasty, and it isn’t shedding season, they don’t cause any more grossness than us.
      And felis catus is much more dignified than most specimins of homo sapiens sapiens.

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