23 thoughts on “Inexplicable artifacts of the freezer case: D-Lights

      1. If you have never done heroin, you would never see the appeal of using methodone. This isn’t meant for people off the street. This is meant for people who have become accustomed to eating the original, full-fat egg-yolk version and who want to take a token/lazy effort to improve their diet without shaking the addiction caused by the hard work of agridustrial food-lab chemists.


      1. I’ve followed weight watchers for over a year, but I’ll check out this link when I get home as I can always use more ideas. ;o)
        btw, Please don’t think I eat this stuff EXCLUSIVELY. In fact I’ve only had that product once, but it’s good for when I’m craving a homestyle breakfast without the homestyle lard.


      2. This guy is pretty great, and if you have a whole foods nearby, they’re doing a project with him where he will put a sticker on their products that meet his guidelines for nutrition and weight loss. He is vegan, but the diet isn’t “for vegans.” It’s made for omnivores who like meat but want to feel better and get healthy. He uses some fake meats, but as a gateway. The end result is no animal products, but the route is SIMPLE. His website has free pantry planners and recipes, too!


      3. No Whole Foods here. I think they’re a West Coast chain, yeah? Sadness…
        I’m an omnivore but do eat fake meat whenever. Tempeh’s about the only substitute I don’t really care for.


    1. ok i can see this
      but i can’t see buying a pre-made bowl thingy. i have all the ingredients for this (other than the reduced fat cheese, which doesn’t melt well and doesn’t have much flavor beyond salty) RITE NAO. which makes me FIRST WORLD AW-YEAH
      so how *is* the texture of this, seriously?


      1. Re: ok i can see this
        The original idea (sausage, egg, cheese) is basic enough. It’s the execution that’s the issue.
        I did not purchase and try this. You may experiment if you wish; get photos. I’ll be behind this concrete bunker.


      2. Re: ok i can see this
        Not bad. The primary taste is of the potatoes. The eggs are a little dry, which one would expect from a frozen food. The cheese is good (keep in mind though I’ve been eating reduced fat cheese for an age) and the turkey sausage is GREAT.


      1. Hey, whatever works. Like I said earlier, I don’t LIVE off of this particular meal or anything – but I have had it and would eat it again.


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