New horrors of the upscale freezer section: Tuscan Veggie Bake

I don't think they have "veggies" in Tuscany.

I know that “Tuscan” just means “you just paid too much for generic Italian-American glop,” parallel to “Southwestern” and “Proven├žal.” I also know that people want to feel that they are eating light even when eating hyper-processed poison from the freezer case.

But nobody wants to eat anything called a “veggie bake,” even if it’s artisanal, Szechwan, uncured, extra-virgin, and triple-distilled.

Bruce Licher Coolness

There are many reasons to order Bruce Licher’s stuff: good music, he’s a nice guy, honest seller. But my favorite reason is his letterpress art. The album covers are always amazing, he includes bits and pieces of letterpress from years past, and even the packaging is very him: Lots of labels, cool printing on things, and his own stamps along with the Postal Service ones. Edit: Go buy lots of stuff from him:

the stamps and package, large images warning