a million little pizzas

A large-scale brain failure today caused me to believe that it was Thursday. Not much harm occurred, but I didn’t go in for my weekly in-person day at the office. I’m glad that I work with nice people who don’t scream at me for stuff like that.

I use cologne. I had two 99 cent start spray things of this stuff for a few years and then they ran out. I do not use very much cologne. The cologne was good, so I ordered an actual bottle of it. When I first bought it years ago, it was called “Prince Matchabelli New Musk for Men Under 30.” I was already over 30 but I cheated. They have since removed the bit about under 30. Vindication, cologne-wise.

This article and picture of Hillary with Scaife is something else: http://talkingpointsmemo.com/archives/185608.php

Buy Ernest Hardy’s books. He’s a great writer, passionate and thoughtful. I don’t know who else is writing about music from a queer black perspective, but he’s sure good at it!

I probably won’t be there, but anyone who attends the last day of Dutton’s bookstore wake party please pour a little on the curb for me. It’s a big part of my L.A. life gone. LA Observed says it’s this Sunday at 5.

The Los Angeles Times has a new “Innovation” exec and he is broadcasting motivational gibberish from Planet Zinfandel. I had no idea that journalism was the new rock ‘n’ roll.

14 thoughts on “a million little pizzas

  1. Lee Abrams, the man that almost single-handedly destroyed listenable radio is the “Tribune’s new innovation chief”? Let’s hope he doesn’t do to newspapers what he did to pop music.
    I’m not able to post about Hillary without shrinking my flist, but this is too good:


    1. His enthusiasm does seem… stimulant-related. If a radio consultant can make the Times somehow worse it might be fun to watch in a Hindenbergy sort of way.


      1. The Times keeps sinking lower with every buy-out and firing. How many editors have they had the last few years? Four? This should be its death-knell.


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