1. I think the neighboring apartment would be peaceful, as that bozo had clearly not practiced. Preaching hellfire is all in the eye contact. “Never read your sermons” was the advice my grandfather would give. (My father would sit in the pew as his dad preached and slump in embarrassment thinking, “Dad, stop yelling.”)
    What an ass. He’ll be going to the special hell for people who dance smugly on graves and mock the grief of the mourners.


    1. Yeah. How about “As I live, saith the Lord GOD, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the wicked turn from his way and live”? Not “As I live, saith the Lord GOD, gloat about dead people and burn them in effigy.”
      Also, “Preaching hellfire is all in the eye contact” is a good motto.


  2. Peasantry
    >«Nowadays, of course, progressive theologians are all for sex;
    they say it’s a good thing, the biblical position was not that sex was
    evil, but that it was good, and that it’s alright.
    But now, look here, what is the real point here? The proof of the
    pudding is in the eating. What can you get kicked out of the church
    for? Any church— Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, Episcopalian,
    Baptist, and the synagogue I think too. What’s the real thing for
    which people get kicked out, excommunicated?
    For “envy, hatred, malice, and all uncharitableness”? “Pride,
    vainglory, and hardness of heart”? Owning shares in munitions
    factories? Profiting off slums? No sir. You can be a bishop
    and live in all those sins openly. But if you go to bed with the wrong
    person, you’re out.
    So one has to conclude that, for all practical purposes, the
    church is a sexual regulation society; and it really isn’t interested
    in anything else. Christianity is more preoccupied with sex than even
    Priapism or Tantric Yoga [are]. Because that’s the thing that counts,
    that’s the sin, the really important sin.»
    >—Alan Watts

    Just once, I want some vast section of the religion
    peasantry to decide that they are so whammied by
    original sin that they are incapable of sensibly
    expressing the slightest idea of their religion
    without mangling it beyond repair (as clearly
    seems to be the case); and so should
    never ever ever discuss religion, and instead simply rely
    on that nebulous third
    part of the trinity to
    pull its weight for once and go
    inspire/convince people
    as it sees fit.  Or providence or predestination or
    For fuck sake, right about now I could really
    use a peasantry
    who would give religious eloquence through silence a good try. 
    For a century or two, just to give it time
    to take hold.


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